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Last updated on 2021-12-10.

A sole proprietor, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Polonik, operating based on the Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs № 25560000000113819, or another business entity whose Goods are placed on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"), on one hand, and an Internet network user/consumer (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer"), on the other hand, collectively referred to as the "Parties," have entered into this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Public Offer"), which, in accordance with Articles 633, 699 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce," constitutes a public offer (proposal) to enter into a sales contract directed to an indefinite number of individuals and posted on the Internet on the website of the online store.


Seller – Individual entrepreneur Tetiana Polonik, Individual Taxpayer Number (IPN) 3405600184, located in Ukraine, Odessa, Marshal Hovorova Street, building 10/6, block 2, apt. 105, 65009, or any other legal entity whose Goods are listed on the Website.

Seller – a legal entity mentioned in the preamble of this Public Offer, posting offers to purchase Goods and Content in the online store.

Buyer – an individual who has accepted the terms of the Public Offer in full and without exceptions as defined by this Agreement, uses the punktpublishing.com website and/or its separate tools, and/or places Orders and has accepted this Public Agreement and performed all of its terms as set out below, and has assumed the obligations set out as a result of using the website. Unless stated otherwise, the Buyer is the payer and recipient of the Goods and/or Content.

Goods – a list of items offered for sale by the Seller, a material object published on the website of the Internet store, for which the price, name, description, characteristics, and other details are provided.

Parties – the Seller and the Buyer.

Order – a properly executed request by the Buyer to purchase and deliver Goods to the address specified by the Buyer.

Representative of the Buyer – an individual who presents a printed Order or a digital code (Order number) evidencing the conclusion of the Agreement with the Seller.

Carrier – a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who has assumed obligations under a contract to deliver Goods to the point of destination specified by the Buyer.


The Public Offer regulates the terms of user access to information posted on the website, the use of the website, the ability to place orders and purchase goods and content, and other matters outlined in this agreement.

In accordance with the terms of this Public Contract, the Seller offers Goods for sale to an unlimited number of individuals, the Buyers.

The Seller undertakes to transfer ownership of the Goods to the Buyer on the terms and in the manner determined by this Agreement, and the Buyer undertakes to accept the Goods and pay for their value.

Information about the Goods, their prices, terms of purchase and delivery, and other information posted on the punktpublishing.com website is dynamic, meaning that the information can be updated, changed, and supplemented by the Seller at any time without prior notice to potential Buyers. Changes become effective upon their publication on the punktpublishing.com website and apply to any Order made after the publication of the changes.


The Buyer places an Order on the website by adding selected Goods to the virtual "Cart" and clicking the "Confirm" button. The name, assortment, quantity, and price of the Goods that are the subject of this Agreement are determined in the Buyer's order.

When placing an order on the website, the Buyer is obliged to provide the following information about themselves:

Full name;

Email address;

Delivery address for the Goods;

Contact phone number;

Other necessary information.

The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided during order placement and the absence of claims from third parties. In case of discrepancies and/or incomplete data in the fields "Name," "Last Name," "Phone Number," and others, the Seller is completely released from responsibility for improper order fulfillment.


The price of the Goods listed on the Website is indicated in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia, as specified in the respective Product Offer and is valid at the time of placing the Order.
The price of the Goods listed on the Website can be changed unilaterally by the Seller.
The total order cost consists of:
The cost of the Goods;The cost of the Goods delivery service.The order payment procedure is determined in the "Payment and Delivery" section.
When placing an Order, the Buyer is obligated to provide all necessary information to the Seller for the sale of the Goods, including full name, phone number, email address, delivery address, and other information as required by the Seller according to the Product Offer.
The methods, procedure, and delivery times of the Goods are specified on the Website in the "Payment and Delivery" section. The procedure and conditions for the delivery of the ordered Goods are agreed upon by the Buyer with the Website's representative.
The delivery of the Goods that were ordered and purchased by the Buyer is carried out by the Seller or a third party (Carrier). When delivering the Goods, the Goods are handed over directly to the Buyer or the Buyer's representative.
The delivery of the Goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine, except for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the ORDLO (separate areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions temporarily occupied by russia), within a reasonable time after the order is processed and agreed upon by the Seller with the Buyer, to the address specified by the Buyer.
The cost of Goods delivery is calculated based on the weight of all ordered Goods, the delivery address, and the delivery rates described on the Website in the "Payment and Delivery" section. This cost is paid by the Buyer according to the rates of the companies directly responsible for delivering the Goods.
The Parties have agreed that the Seller fulfills their obligations under this Agreement after the ordered Goods are handed over (received) by the Buyer.


The Parties are responsible as provided by the current legislation of Ukraine and this Agreement.

The Buyer agrees and guarantees not to take any actions that may be considered as violations of Ukrainian legislation and/or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright, and related rights.

The Seller is not responsible for any damage caused to the Buyer due to the Buyer's improper use of the Goods ordered on the Website or purchased in the store.

Responsibility for financial transactions carried out by the Buyer is entirely borne by the banking institutions and payment systems used by the Buyer. The Seller is not liable for their actions.

The Seller is not responsible to the Buyer if, for any reason, the content, design, literary and artistic value, etc., of the purchased Goods of proper quality, does not meet the Buyer's expectations.

All disputes and disagreements arising in the course of the Parties fulfilling their obligations under this Agreement are resolved through negotiations. In case of impossibility to resolve them, the Parties have the right to seek protection of their rights and interests through legal proceedings.


The information provided by the Buyer (full name, mobile phone number, email address, postal address, payment details, etc.) constitutes the Buyer's personal data. The personal data of the Buyer is considered confidential information, and the collection and further processing of personal data is carried out by the Seller in accordance with the laws of Ukraine on the protection of personal data and other relevant Ukrainian legislation. The source of personal data collection is the information voluntarily provided by the Buyer.

The Buyer's data mentioned in the registration details are confidential. Access to this data is granted exclusively to authorized personnel of the Seller and the Buyer themselves.

In case the Buyer's personal data changes, the Buyer must provide the Seller with updated information during the order process. If the Buyer fails to comply with this requirement, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences related to the use of outdated information.

The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the data in their Personal Account.


The agreement is valid from the moment it is concluded until the Parties have fully fulfilled their obligations under the agreement. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of this agreement without prior notice to the Buyer. All changes come into effect upon their publication and apply to any Order placed after their publication. All informational materials presented on the website are for reference purposes and may not fully convey information about the properties and characteristics of the Goods, including color, size, etc. In case the Buyer has questions concerning the properties and characteristics of the Goods, the Buyer has the opportunity to contact the Seller through social media pages and the telephone numbers provided on the website to obtain complete information about the Goods before placing an Order.